Legacy Mentor


What a few of the executives we've worked with are saying... 

Damon is finally going pro, and this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. It’s like the opportunity for you to invest early in Google, but the company you are investing in is yourself.
— Robert Richman, Former Culture Strategist, Zappos.com, Developed the Zappos life coaching program

His understanding of what makes a business tick from his Wall Street days certainly helped a great deal, but Damon also had a sensitivity to the unique personalities of business leaders and the challenges we face.
— Richard M., Fortune 1000 CEO

As both the CEO of a large company and an experienced investor in angel and venture-backed businesses, I recognize the value of great coaching. I retained Damon to coach the founder of a tech startup in which I invested as the company was entering a critical growth phase. Damon’s experience from the trenches as an operator to the boardroom dealing with C-suite issues, investors and board members proved invaluable in helping the founder clarify their strategic vision for the company, tackle imminent operational challenges and personally communicate successfully with current and future investors, customers and industry partners. I would recommend Damon’s services to any investor group seeking to support and exponentially increase the output of the C-suite executives in their portfolio companies.
— Chad Chandlee, President & COO, Kendall Hunt Publishing, YPO Angel and Venture investor

Damon helped me during one of the biggest shifts in my personal and professional evolutions. The work helped me focus on what matters and take tangible steps towards not only my legacy but also what really matters in achieving big goals on a daily basis. Damon’s experience as an entrepreneur - as opposed to a ‘coach’ with a strictly coaching background - combined with the tools he employs kept me grounded throughout the process.
— AdaPia d'Errico, founder, Real health real wealth, former industry-leading fin tech coo & cmo

Damon put me at ease, he helped me feel comfortable enough to share my thoughts both professionally and personally which led to career-enhancement but also personal growth. As a result, I was able to help others through my own experience - a tremendous side-benefit of the process that would not have occurred without Damon’s coaching.
— Donald F., Fortune 100 C-Suite

I was extremely skeptical about working with a coach. The hubris founders have as entrepreneurs is natural but misguided because there’s a reason why teams or co-founders outperform individuals.

Damon became my second set of eyes. His ability to give a new perspective on my work, the challenges I was facing, and the potential outcomes, made these three months entirely more productive.

The ability to bounce ideas off someone without the feeling of judgement; an extra set of eyes on strategy, tactics, documents, and talent; a voice of reason when everything that day or week was anything but reasonable; comfort in knowing someone has your back regardless of the outcome of your work.

I didn’t put much value in these things prior to working with Damon but without a doubt I do now.
— Paul Lemley, CEO, Hivecast

Working with Damon has been a fantastic experience. His approach to business organization and goal development is original and inspires action. The years of experience Damon brings to the table are invaluable. Not only were we able to establish goals that helped grow the company, but the advice resulting in mitigating risk and preventing losses been just as vital. Damon tells you how it is, and you’ll thank him for it.
— Gary T., CEO, Education FinTech Company, Serial Entrepreneur with Multiple Exits

Working with Damon has been great. He has been a consistent rock to lean on with any and all shifts in business - going above and beyond his coaching contract. At this point, I would consider Damon a friend as much as I would a mentor. His genuine interest in helping me advance with my goals has exceeded my expectations.
— Mitra K., serial founder & CEO E-commerce/fashion vertical

Working with Damon has been incredibly insightful and has helped me get the ball rolling on many new endeavors – many of which I didn’t realize were stepping stones to greater goals. For instance, one day I’d like to speak on panels and do speeches, and Damon helped me back-build how to get there. I would consider myself to be a pretty ambitious and goal-oriented person who gets the things I want to get done, done. But Damon took my goal setting to a whole new level.

Damon is not only extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, but he is warm and empathetic, and puts goal setting into practical, tangible, and metric-oriented terms. He also uses his own stories (which are inspirational on their own) to coach and guide discussions.

Our work together has not only provided incredible guidance for goal setting, but has pushed me to be more introspective. It’s helped me prioritize the things and people that bring me happiness, understand my own wants versus needs, and inspired me to remember that the pursuit of my goals is in fact part of the joy.
— Anna D., Senior Brand and Design Strategist

Damon is one of those rare professionals who truly cares. His ability to connect, to open up on a deep level, to share and inspire that sets him apart. During my year of mentoring with Damon, he provided constant feedback, advice, and process improvement coaching. Everything from mindset to personal philosophy to goal setting/tracking was covered. It truly was a valuable experience, and I would recommend him highly.
— Caleb S., Senior Executive, Strategy, Industrials

With so many commitments and initiatives vying for my time and attention, I found myself overwhelmed and losing sight of my long-term objectives. Damon’s diverse industry experience has helped me connect the dots to focus on what is really essential for realizing my full potential. Working with Damon has helped me clarify the Big Picture and develop a personalized system for staying focused and continually making progress towards my long-term goals. Ultimately, we have developed a strategy for achieving my dreams.
— Charles S., Founder, Online Media Company and Thought Leader on Social and Economic Platforms

I walked out of my first session feeling like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Damon helped me create personalized actionable steps to achieve what I needed to focused on. Goal setting sessions are never intimidating because Damon comes to the table with his own valuable experience, validated research and tried and true ways to create sustainable habits to help you progress towards accomplishing your goals.
— Emi K., Cross-Cultural Communications Specialist - Corporate, Non-Profit and Government

Damon is one of the most principled go-to business professionals who willingly shares his wealth of knowledge to help you on your path. Damon’s vast industry experience gives him an edge of balancing both right and left brain needs and transforming creative ideas into tangible business steps. Not only is he an amazing mentor with the proven track record, Damon is one of those rare individuals who genuinely wants you to succeed. You can depend on Damon to offer guidance and support in both business and life.
— Grace D., Art Director, UX/UI Expert, Founder, Successful Kickstarter Launch

Damon has been in the trenches and knows what it takes to get things done. He quickly pinpoints the key issues and provides actionable solutions. If you are serious about turning your goals into reality, he will turbocharge you into action.
— Ricardo C., Founder & CEO, La Monarca Bakery

Damon was my mentor and coach during my second year in business school. Our sessions and his diligent and relevant follow-up allowed me to further develop my supply chain knowledge and professional network. The process allowed me to re-brand myself, further discover my goals, and to spend time on only the things that are most important. He is a No-BS kind of mentor who is not afraid to ask hard questions, connect you to your next step, and celebrate when you’ve really accomplished something that means a lot to your journey. If given the opportunity to work with him, take it!
— Christina M., Non-profit Founder, Strategy Consultant

Damon helped increase our team’s productivity by 60% by eliminating non-essential processes and helping us to laser focus on opportunities that are unique to our company’s vision. Since our work together, the company has been able to move forward in a more productive manner focusing on opportunities with the biggest potential returns. I recommend Damon to any successful business owner that wants no-nonsense input on how to get out of their own way.
— heather kim rodriguez, co-founder zen rose garden

My meeting with Damon showed up at the most opportune time. After months of feeling overwhelmed, behind schedule, and overworked he presented me with a clear solution to address my frustrations. I had read books and implemented different strategies to organize my life, and I would flop with each one just days after implementing it.

Damon’s process offered me clarity for my life long goals and my short term goals. His questions and guidance brought me to a place of being able to clearly see my priorities, to identify the goals that enabled the other goals, and to leave our session with a clear picture of how to reach each one. What I noticed about myself during our meeting was that at the beginning, I felt sluggish, tired, and unfocused. By the end, I was feeling alert, energetic, and ready to go on my goals and tasks.

The process allowed me to feel free - free to make aware, focused decisions - to accomplish my goals without feeling the sense of dread of forgetting or neglecting something. What a game changer in my journey towards my dream life!
— Holly M., Co-founder, Xpill

After the first session I possessed clarity for what I needed to focus on over the next 90 days to achieve my most important goals for the next 5 years and possibly for decades to come. Damon helped create a clear path to success based on my professional skill set and business opportunities.
— Jared M., serial entrepreneur

Damon is an amazing mentor and I am so grateful to have met him. He guided me through self-reflection exercises so I could gain a deeper understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, personal ambitions, and professional aspirations. Once we got through that process, Damon helped me create short and long term goals to work towards. We then broke them down into smaller, more manageable tasks so that I know what I need to do each week. He checks in with me regularly to track my progress and jumps in to help when I need it.

From Day One, Damon has been 100% invested in my success. He’s provides a lot of resources, recommends books and articles to read, has a vast and highly engaged professional network, and has a lot of wisdom to share from his own accomplishments and struggles. To top it off, he’s just an all-around great guy to know. He’s personable, career-driven, and incredibly generous. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his mentorship and guidance.
— Anthony C., Marketing Executive

Doing the Legacy Mentor seminar was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. It’s so much more than planning your legacy. Since I am the CEO of a startup, money is tight, and it was a real “splurge” for me. I went into the event thinking I wanted to sell my company in the next 3 – 5 years. And I came out thinking I didn’t want to sell my company at all. I want to work with and spend more time with my children, and my company could possibly be the way to achieve both. That was an epiphany for me. Additionally, my biggest problem right now is focus. I have so many things going on and I am a part of a very small team. I’m never really sure what I should really be spending most of my time on. The road map helped me trace my legacy from what I want to achieve in my life to what I should be doing in present time to make that happen. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
— Cynthia W., Founder and CEO

Legacy Mentor’s workshop was the beginning of an immersive journey towards defining my personal and professional life goals and building out a roadmap that will offer actionable steps in achieving these goals in the foreseeable future. If you feel stuck in your profession or need something to kickstart your career, check out Legacy Mentor. You will be glad you did.
— Nicholas S., Real Estate Professional

This was the first time I have been able to sit with a professional executive mentor, as well as other business leaders, in a level-playing-field environment where we hashed out career goals and execution strategies together. I found it to be a highly engaging experience and would recommend it to others, particularly those who are at a career crossroads or are seeking additional clarity on how to achieve their goals.
— Bradley S., Wealth Management